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About Top Taste

A humble beginning with a mission to help others

Top Taste was founded in 1999 by Traditional Chinese Medical Physician, Mr Teo Sheng Chee, with the idea of providing a health beneficial herbal drink for everyone.

"As a physician, I can only help one man at a time. However, as a herbal drink manufacturer, I am able to help thousands at once." - 1999 T.C.M Teo Sheng Chee when interviewed on why he started a health beverage company


Our Challenge

As the pioneer in manufacturing herbal drinks, Top Taste faced numerous challenges.

The constant hard work and dedication to provide consumers with the best products finally paid off as Top Taste successfully created her first batch of herbal tea.

"Using artificial flavouring and syrup is as good as cheating our consumers, they look for us for the REAL product. Products that benefit them, products they can TRUST." - 2000 T.C.M Teo in a meeting with the management team, when one member suggested using artificial ingredients to reduce costs.


Rise in competitors

Sales increased as more and more consumers realised the benefits of herbal tea.

Top Taste continued to innovate and created more products. We have more than 27 flavours at one point in time.

Competition rose as the demand for herbal drinks attracted others into the market.

T.C.M Teo did not prevent competitors from gaining market share, instead he encouraged competitors to joint Top Taste in the industry.

"Give them some market share, help them if they need, teach them how to make herbal tea drink if necessary." - T.C.M Teo when prompted by friends when reacting to the emerging competitors.


SARS outbreak period

The SARS outbreak caused a spike on the demand for herbal tea drinks, especially the Honeysuckle Drink, as it was believed that it the properties could prevent SARS.

Prices on raw materials and herbs skyrocketed causing many herbal drinks manufacturer to resort different means to meet the demand.

Top Taste remained true to her consumers by using real, natural ingredients and herbs enabling her consumers to obtain the benefits from these herbs to fight SARS.

Bearing the costs, reducing profit margin and even making losses. Top Taste tried her best to meet the needs and demands of every customer with the only goal which is to help as many people as possible.

"Donate, Help, Supply. These are what we can do now, profit comes later. Give it to them FREE if they can't afford it. Our priority is to save lives now, not make money." - T.C.M Teo when delivering his company mission speech during the SARS period. 


The decline

After SARS, Top Taste's sales plummeted as multiple competitors entered the market and consumers now have a wider variety of choices in health beverages.

Realising the benefits of herbal drinks and health beverages during the SARS period, many consumers adopted the habit of drinking herbal tea.

Some competitors used artificial ingredients and cheaper methods to manufacture their products. 

This resulted Top Taste loss substantial amount of her distributors as she was unable to match the attractive profit margin offered by her competitors.

"Press on! Believe in our mission and core values, never forget why I started this." - T.C.M Teo, when discussing with the sales team after reviewing the sales figures.


Brewed with Love, Deliver with Integrity

After struggling for more than a decade, Top Taste remained her core value of using real and natural ingredients to create every drink.

Top Taste continues to innovate and today, she does not only brew herbal tea but also other health beneficial beverages such as her Honey Drink series.

Although Top Taste has yet to gain back her market share during her hay days, she will continue to strive, innovate and try her very best in producing only the highest quality and natural health beverages to benefit her consumers. 

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