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About Us

Brewed with Love, Deliver with Integrity

Top Taste grew from a humble beginning with the main mission to providing Healthy Brewed Herbal Tea and Beverages for everyone.

Today, she is lead by the 2nd generation and we pledge to continue her main mission while improving and adding in Singapore Local Flavoured Beverages.

We, Top Taste will continue to observe the needs and trends of the market and continue to create drinks to meet the daily needs and wants of our customers.

Our Services

We provide direct distribution to restaurants, coffeeshops, minimarts and provisional shops.

You can find our products at Sheng Siong and Hao Mart.

We also do OEM services such as bottle packaging, logos and branding as well as customised flavours.

Direct Distribution

Be our partner

Carry our beverages today!

Play a part in promoting and providing healthier beverage options for your customers.

To find more kindly email us by clicking here or filling up the contact us below.


Meeting your needs

We provide customisation in packing, labelling and taste to suit your needs.

Do send us your enquiry by emailing here or  filling up the contact us below!

Contact Us

10 Tuas Bay Walk #02-16, Singapore 637780

6558 7377

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