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Your Questions

Do the drinks need to be chilled?

Yes! All our drinks does not contain preservatives, hence they need to be stored in the refrigerator.

When will I receive my drinks?

There is a delivery lead time of 1-3 working days, and we will advise you on the delivery date once we have received your order. 
Deliveries will be made on Mondays - Saturdays, 11am-6pm. 
Regrettably, we are unable to advise the specific timing as it is subjected to the driver's route and traffic conditions.

What if I'm not at home?

Please note that our drinks will have to be refrigerated, so it would be best if you're home to receive the drinks.

However, if you're not home at the time of delivery, we will first attempt to leave the drinks with your friendly neighbour and notify you of the delivery via WhatsApp. If we are unable to leave the drinks with your neighbour, we will contact you for the next best option.

How many types of drinks do you have?

We currently brew 19 drinks.

Click here to view our drinks catalogue.

What is the Shelf Life of the drinks?

The shelf life of our drinks varies between 30 days to 75 days.


These are the breakdown:

30 Days

a. Green Bean Drink (SKU 12)

b. Soya Bean Drink (SKU 20)

45 Days
a. Barley Drink (SKU 01)

b. White Fungus Drink (SKU 16)

c. Water Chestnut Drink (SKU 17)

d. Almond Drink (SKU 18)
e. Purple Heart Tea (SKU 26)

60 Days

a. Chrysanthemum Tea (SKU 02)

b. Lemongrass Honey Drink (SKU 04)

c. Peppermint Honey Drink (SKU 10)

d. Ginseng Tea (SKU 14)

e. Honey Drink (SKU 15)

f. Honey Aloe Vera Drink (SKU 21)

g. Macik's Bandung Drink (SKU 71)

75 Days

a. Xia Ku Cao Tea (SKU 03)

b. Prunus Mume Tea (SKU 06)

c. Luo Han Guo Tea(SKU 07)

d. Hawthorne Roselle Tea (SKU 08)

e. Chrysanthemum Ginseng Tea (SKU 82)

Which are the 'Healthier Choice' options?

These drinks that are sugar free - No Sugar:

a. Luo Han Guo (SKU 07)

b. Ginseng Tea (SKU 14)

These drinks are Lower in Sugar:

a. Barley Drink (SKU 01)

b. Chrysanthemum Tea (SKU 02)

c. Xia Ku Cao Tea (SKU 03)

d. Lemongrass Honey (SKU 04)

e. Chrysanthemum Ginseng Tea (SKU 82)

What is the best way to enjoy the teas/beverages

Shake well before serving as some teas and beverages contains natural sediments.

Consume the tea/beverage within one serving upon opening as the drinks does not contain any preservatives.

Check and only consume the tea/beverage within the use by date printed on the bottle cap.

If you prefer the tea/beverage to be served hot, you may pour out the tea/beverage and heat the drink up. (Avoid heating up the bottle directly)

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